Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creative Process Promotes Hope For Trafficked Victim

"In the beginning God created..." Genesis 1:1

Somehow, it doesn't surprise me that a first sign of becoming healthy and whole again for a trafficked victim would come within the creative process. This is exactly what happened for Monica. The following poem conveys her courageous struggle as she makes a new beginning following her escape from human traffickers.  While the poem is not a direct translation, it  expresses her perceptions and sensations as she moves beyond the cycle of modern-day slavery and sexual abuse.

Forgiven Wind

I stand,
braced against forgiven wind,

 Layers of dirt
Slapped on me,

 by multitudes of unclean hands,
provide defense

against the Titanic Rain
beating on my path.

  Filth slides away
with my skin and

  I stand bloodied, exposed,
 braced against
forgiven wind.

 Icy hands I don’t feel
swipe at tears 
that aren’t there.

My Closed eyelids
hide darkness.


Hope flies in on forgiven wind.
She swoops down
  landing beside me,

She strokes
my breast.

I shove her away.
She reaches out again.

I seize her by the neck, 
 and slam her
to the ground.

She escapes,
grabs me around my chest
and slams me

 into ice packed earth. 
She straddles my broken body 

Tears escape my eyes.
Her breath penetrates my flesh,

It slows my heart...
I lay motionless 

 Sleep overtakes me.  
Night slips into morning,

Clouded by my future 
my past.

Yet I wakeI rise…

 I stand,
 braced against forgiven wind,

a frozen body
 sheltering Hope’s song.

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BJ said...

Wow!! This is so powerful. I think it should be published!!! It speaks volumes of the pain that person must have suffered.