Saturday, February 9, 2013

Iana's New Book Coming Soon

I Kidnap Girls: Stealing From Traffickers, Restoring Their Victims
by Pam Ravan-Pyne with Iana Matei

Iana's new book will be out soon. According to the publisher, Booktrope, the books should be out by mid-March. I'll keep everyone posted regarding the exact date.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joining Together

I think of how many people are involved in human trafficking and how so many people want to abuse and use these girls for their own gain. My heart sinks everytime I think of this. Everytime I hear another young girl has went missing my mind starts wondering about thinking if maybe, just maybe, that child is in "their" hands. I wished I could do so much more than just sit around and try to make a difference from my computer. I want to do more. My hope in writing this blog is to get everyone who works with the different human trafficking issues to join hands and to work together to make a difference. I know we CAN make a difference! So if you are reading this now and you are also trying to help put a stop to this kind of problem than please write in. We need to bring a lot of awareness to this and hopefully very soon put a STOP to it. I hope to hear from you soon.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stepping Up and Stepping Out by Joy Morris

How many times have you looked over your shoulder and seen someone who has their head up and is walking tall? Very confident. Have you ever thought to yourself that you wished you were like her/him? Sure you did! We all love to hang around someone who is confident. Someone who can draw a crowd no matter where their at. We look in the mirror and wonder why we can't be that way. Well I have news for CAN be the exact same way!
You have to step up and step out! What does that mean you ask yourself? IT means that you have to make the decision that you are going to be more confident and then you have to act upon it and step out. The second part would be considered hard to most people but it doesn't have to be. Look we've all been through something very hard in our lives. But why do we have to let those hard times keep us from being the most confident person in the world? No one likes to hang around someone who always has their head down and is afraid to make conversation with others. So decide today that your going to step up and step out! I guarantee you that once you adopt this lifestyle, you will see so many people want to hang around you. You will be the person everyone else wants to be just like. So make the change and watch how not only you feel better but everyone else around you will as well.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Forgiveness in your heart by Joy Morris

I've been raised up to forgive and to forget everything bad that happens in my life but what if the wounds are so deep that it's almost impossible to forgive? That's a very good question!
There have been so many people that have hurt me in my own life. People that I would have never thought would harm one hair on my head. Boy was I wrong! I've always tried to be a kind and giving person but as I've grown older I'm becoming more and more guarded in my life. It's ok to have some walls up but when you get to a point that no one can break through those walls even to know you as an overall person it's time to get some help. I know that a lot of you who read these blogs have had some type of harm done to you by someone in your world. It's so easy to just be angry at that person and to blame everything on who hurt you. The backlash to that method though is that you end up looking older than you should in just one years time! You end up having different health risks from anger. That's not the way life should be. When you stay angry and hold resentment towards that person you end up hurting yourself more than that person. My question is....who ends up winning? That person does.... NOT you! So it's time to find that forgiveness in your heart. That doesn't mean that you'll ever forget what they did or that you'll ever trust that person again but it does mean that you will have peace in your heart and in your mind to become that happy person you always should have been before the harm was done. So if your reading this now and you have not taken the time or the energy to forgive the person who harmed you, do so now! Don't wait another day. It's time to take control back over your own life. So no more being the victim.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taking Control by Joy Morris

You look in the mirror and realize that you do not recognize this person anymore. Why is that? Is it because so much has went on in your life that you feel you've lost all control? Or maybe it's because you've allowed yourself to be consumed with thoughts of all the bad that has happened to you. Regardless of which one it question to you is.....when is it enough?
I have been through so much in my own life. I have learned that I cannot blame myself for things that have happened nor can I hold a grudge against someone who has done me wrong. When you do this and when you allow hate to consume you then you have let that person or people win. You have to make a daily decision to take control over your life. You wake up and you make the choice to brush your teeth, you make the choice to put your clothes on. So why not make the choice to take control over your life and take a stand letting everyone know that you WILL be happy and you WILL succeed in life.
I've heard many times that life can be simple and I've just laughed at that saying.. but if you truly think about can be simple because life is what you make of it. So make the choice each and everyday of your life to push forward, to forgive those who have wronged you and to be happy no matter what you do. You will see the huge impact it makes not only on you but others in your life that you surround yourself with. I pray for happiness and peace in each and everyone of your lives.