Saturday, July 30, 2011

Forgiveness in your heart by Joy Morris

I've been raised up to forgive and to forget everything bad that happens in my life but what if the wounds are so deep that it's almost impossible to forgive? That's a very good question!
There have been so many people that have hurt me in my own life. People that I would have never thought would harm one hair on my head. Boy was I wrong! I've always tried to be a kind and giving person but as I've grown older I'm becoming more and more guarded in my life. It's ok to have some walls up but when you get to a point that no one can break through those walls even to know you as an overall person it's time to get some help. I know that a lot of you who read these blogs have had some type of harm done to you by someone in your world. It's so easy to just be angry at that person and to blame everything on who hurt you. The backlash to that method though is that you end up looking older than you should in just one years time! You end up having different health risks from anger. That's not the way life should be. When you stay angry and hold resentment towards that person you end up hurting yourself more than that person. My question is....who ends up winning? That person does.... NOT you! So it's time to find that forgiveness in your heart. That doesn't mean that you'll ever forget what they did or that you'll ever trust that person again but it does mean that you will have peace in your heart and in your mind to become that happy person you always should have been before the harm was done. So if your reading this now and you have not taken the time or the energy to forgive the person who harmed you, do so now! Don't wait another day. It's time to take control back over your own life. So no more being the victim.

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