Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Message To Victims

by Joy Morris

     There are so many times when things don’t go the way we planned for them to go. We feel as though it’s time to give up or to just give in. The sad thing is I believe our government sometimes behaves this way.
     When it comes to human trafficking, the pedophiles are doing wrong. A trafficker robs a girl of her innocence and vulnerability then he looks back over his shoulder to see if anyone notices.  The numbers of children trafficked into the Untied States from other parts of the world indicate that we’re not noticing enough. Are we giving in or giving up?
     In looking on the statistics for this site, I noticed that we have a lot of foreign readership from places like The Ukraine, Russia and Viet Nam. The thought crossed my mind, could some of these readers be trafficked victims?

Message To Victims

     Have you ever felt like just giving up because you have been the victim?  I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to give up OR give in. I believe that even after you’ve been through the worst nightmare of your life you can still pick up the pieces and turn your life around.
     You see everything that you do in your life from this point forward is a choice. You have a choice to wake up, a choice to put your clothes on, a choice to eat something and even a choice to keep going. These people who try to take your dignity from you want you to just ball up and wither away. So if you choose to do this then you have let them win. You remain a victim because you choose to. You don’t have to be placed in that category. YOU ARE A REAL HUMAN BEING. Someone with feelings, a family, and even a heart.
     Don’t give them what they want!! Make the choice to pick the pieces up and put them all back together. It’s going to take time. You will have to do this piece by piece by piece. But, you can eventually complete the puzzle.
    Then you’ll be a testament to other girls and other victims. You’ll have a story with the potential to save other girl’s lives. If you go out and make other girls aware of the dangers and the schemes these pedophiles pull then you’ve turned your title around from victim to victorious. You have not only possibly saved another girl’s life, but you’ve taught them that amidst despair comes triumph. So if you have been one of these girls, take some time to sit back and to decide how YOU will be the turning point in this “giving up and giving in” society. World change starts with us.

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