Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joining Together

I think of how many people are involved in human trafficking and how so many people want to abuse and use these girls for their own gain. My heart sinks everytime I think of this. Everytime I hear another young girl has went missing my mind starts wondering about thinking if maybe, just maybe, that child is in "their" hands. I wished I could do so much more than just sit around and try to make a difference from my computer. I want to do more. My hope in writing this blog is to get everyone who works with the different human trafficking issues to join hands and to work together to make a difference. I know we CAN make a difference! So if you are reading this now and you are also trying to help put a stop to this kind of problem than please write in. We need to bring a lot of awareness to this and hopefully very soon put a STOP to it. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Susan Rattai said...

I had the privelege and blessing of hearing you, Iana, speak at the Global Summit 2011 in Edmonton, Alberta. You are a true inspiration and picture of what a woman is to be, beautiful inside and out. Your heartbeat for the hurting and lost is how each of our hearts should beat. It is Gods heartbeat. I have been praying for many years now to the Lord for him to give me a window into helping stop this horror that goes on each day. I beleive that he has now put you into my heart and I will spend the rest of my days doing what I can to support you. I had a dream about two months ago that my 5 year old daughter had been kidnapped and it had been two days since. I knew she could be anywhere in the world in the hands of any nunber of bad men. I was going crazy trying to find her. I felt so helpless. When I woke up, my real life reality hit me and I said out loud in the darkness, "Oh, my daughter is dead...Oh, she's in heaven"! I felt an Peace that could have only been from God wash over me and I slept until morning. You see my daughter did die 6 months ago and I miss her terrribly, but I know she is happy and loved in the arms of Jesus as I type this. The same can not be said for many little girls out there, living a nightmare. You see at any point it could be ANY of our little girls out there, lost, alone and afraid. Wondering if Mom or Dad will ever find them. Are they even looking? The reality is many don't have the means too. I know if it was my little girl out there...I would wonder why everyone in the WORLD was not looking for her! I can think of only one thing worse than my daughters death and that is that she be out there in the hands of some monster. I love to see what Jesus is doing in your life and through you and please know you are being thought of and prayed for! I will contact you for more tangible ways we can support you also. Know that you HAVE inspired me and though I am only one...I will be yelling about this from my rooftop until everyone knows & each child is safe.