Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Excerpt From Chapter I of Unstoppable Redeemer

         My stomach tightened and my breath quickened. The conversation had taken me back to what I’d spent years trying to forget. Ignoring it proved impossible. I knew I needed to get moving to pull some things together if I were to be at the police station in an hour. Instead, I sat and rubbed my temples.

         It was 1978. I was 17. Huge flakes of snow settled on our shoulders as my father and I showed up at the Romanian Embassy. He was Serbian. For him to leave would have been possible, but for my mother and I things were different. Travel outside the country was either extremely limited or prohibited, depending on who you were and who you knew.
         My father and I planned to pretend he and I were going on a holiday so I could meet his parents. We would send for my mother once we gained political asylum.  As we approached the embassy gates, the guards poked at each other with their elbows and nodded in my direction.
         “Hey, you with the blue scarf. Come over here.”  As I moved forward, my father stepped right in behind me. “No, you wait over there.”  The guard pointed to my father and then indicated a place a few paces away.
         The tall one approached me. He stood very close, his face in my face. “Turn around.” When I hesitated, he pushed at my shoulder with the butt of his gun. “I said turn!”
         I did as I was told. He stepped back slightly.
         “Do you want to leave here because you’ve screwed all the men in Romania? Now you want foreign men to satisfy you?” A hard chiseled face outlined his squinted eyes and jutted chin. He leaned way in toward me. I stepped back to avoid him. He moved in closer.
         “I know girls like you. They just can’t get enough... And your father over there, he goes along with it. He goes along with it because he’s been with all the women in Romania. You two make quite the pair.”
         I started to protest. He held his hand up in front of my face. “I’ll do the talking here. You don’t need to say a word.”
         “Come over here guys. All of you.” At this, five other guards came to his side. Their eyes were slightly glazed over, like wild animals ready to bite into fresh meat. A couple of them breathed so hard they had to catch their breaths.
         “We’re going to pay you and your mother a visit. If the daughter is this good looking, the mother must be a real piece. She’ll be stretched out enough from birthing you to accommodate our huge Romanian manhood. Soon, you will be too...”

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