Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taking It With You by Joy Morris.....

Message to Victims II

So I’ve dipped into this issue of human trafficking a lot deeper. One thing I’ve realized is how hard it is for the victims to move forward in life after being a part of this vicious cycle. They take the pain with them. What saddens my soul is the fact that these people who make you a victim end up winning in the end, when you allow your life to stop. I can’t say that I know exactly how you feel because I have not been a victim of trafficking. But I can say that I’ve been a victim of so many other things that were pretty bad. At first I allowed it to take over my life and I didn’t even care to want to go on in life. My life spiraled out of control and there was only one way to go…. Down. I didn’t want to hit rock bottom and I knew that I had to change things. I had to change things for the better to not only help myself but to help those around me. You see when I allowed others to take over my life it didn’t just affect me… affected everyone around me that was close to me….my daughter, my mom and dad, etc…. I know that you do not want those around you hurt by your pain. You really have to step outside of the box and take a clear look at your life. What is best for you? Is it giving up and giving in? Or is it using your story as a testimony to others? I know that by using my testimony as an inspiration to others, that I have reached others and helped them make changes too! And so can you! So take some time this week and really think about what’s happened and how YOU can come out on top. In the end you can count on your story being an inspiration to others and YOUR story making an impact in the lives of others.

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